Dan Birdwhistell


The Wartime Service of Carl Vinson Birdwhistell (1942-1945)

Carl Vinson Birdwhistell (tallest in back row) with the 1127th Quartermaster Division outside of Italy. 

December 7, 1941--Hears news of Pearl Harbor, knowing this means trouble, comes to 'Aunt Lucy' Hanks's house to pick up Mary Lois, there for a birthday party

February 2, 1942--Leaves Lawrenceburg in a bus headed for Fort Benjamin Harrison, northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana, where he is inducted on February 4

February 8-9, 1942--Moved by train to Morris Field, near Charlotte, North Carolina, for basic training; afterwards assigned to the 1127th Quartermasters, Army Air Corps

May 9, 1942--Married to Mary Lois Moffett at York, South Carolina

Carl and Mary Lois married on base in York, South Carolina.  Rumor has it she ran off to get married and didn't tell anyone!

August 12, 1942--Outfit 'trucked' to Waycross, Georgia, joins 41st Service Group

September, 1942--By train to Ft. Dix, New Jersey, preparing for overseas deployment

December 12, 1942--Sails on the USS Uruguay, arrives at Casablanca, Morocco, Christmas Eve, 1942, during a German bombardment; more bombs December 31

January 26, 1943--Moves to Ain M'Lila, Algeria, via WW I French 'forty and eight' railroad cars, so called because they could hold forty men and eight mules

March, 1943--Moved to Youk les Bains, an airfield near the Tunisian border; put in charge of the Class I warehouse; promoted to Staff Sergeant on June 20

July 10, 1943--September 9, 1943--Service in Sicily; then moved to Italy, where 1127th remains for nearly a year; Battle of Anzio, January/February, 1944

February 6, 1944--Promoted to Technical Sergeant; Mt. Vesuvius erupts, March 22, 1945

June 30, 1944--1127th journal records that "T/Sgt. Birdwhistell received 31 letters, an all-time record for one mail call"

August 27, 1944--Sails for southern France for a brief time, returning to Italy October 7

May 8, 1945--VE Day announced as Germans surrender

May 23, 1945--Sails from Naples, arriving Waller Field, Trinidad, on June 1

August 14, 1945--Flew from Trinidad to Miami, refueling in Puerto Rico; on the short flight from PR, announcement is made of the Japanese surrender, VJ Day!  Train from Miami to Louisville, arrives very late at night

September and October, 1945--Stationed in Miami Beach, FL; 'mustered out' at Patterson Field, Dayton, Ohio, after forty-four months' service, thirty-two of which overseas